Cantina Polenta

Cantina Polenta

“Behold the sun's heat, which becometh wine,
Joined to the juice that from the vine distils.”

The POLENTA WINE CELLAR is a small family farm and cottage industry. Located in the heart of the Conero Park, among the sunny hills of the Monte, over Portonovo bay, surrounded by a perfectly preserved natural landscape.

The farm consists of about 3 hectares of "white lands" (calcareous and clay-rich) destined for the vineyard, chosen accurately for their exceptional conditions and exposure among the 10 hectares of the entire property. The wine is obtained from pruned-spur cordon-trained vines of the Montepulciano variety since 2002, as the result of a project started in collaboration with a friend, Dr. Giancarlo Soverchia, oenologist.

  • Cantina Polenta
  • Cantina Polenta
  • Cantina Polenta
  • Cantina Polenta



Poy - 5 grappoli Polenta

Super 3 Stelle - Polenta


Contrada Campana, 146 
Collina di Portonovo 
60129 ANCONA

Tel  071 801070   
Fax 071 2139916
Cell 333 33 81 521


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