Cantina Lanari

Cantina Lanari

The Lanari farm was founded about thirty years ago thanks to Leardo Lanari's passion.

From the original six hectares, the Farm has now grown under the knowledgeable direction of the son Luca Lanari and his wife Paola. The characteristic and priority of the Lanari Farm is the artisan work, which starts from the pruning to the harvest with various passages in the vineyard, during which only the ripe grapes are picked.

The grapes are then selected further inside the Wine Cellar on a sorting table after the harvest, an activity which continues during the aging process of the wine selection.

  • Cantina Lanari
  • Cantina Lanari
  • Cantina Lanari
  • Cantina Lanari



Le Marche nel bicchiere 2018 LANARI

4 VITI nella quarta edizione della Guida ai Vini d’Italia LANARI

Le Marche nel bicchiere 2019


Frazione Varano, 142   - 60129 Fraz. Varano - Ancona

Tel. +39 0 71 286 13 43
Mob. +39 347 927 1435


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